• 07/01/2016

    Changeons de menu - SOS Faim


    Notre alimentation ne reste pas sans conséquences pour les populations du Sud ni pour l’environnement. On estime qu’environ un quart de l’empreinte écologique d’un Luxembourgeois est due à ses habitudes alimentaires.

    L’industrialisation et la mondialisation ont contribué à fortement changer nos habitudes alimentaires. La production alimentaire actuelle est totalement dépendante d’engrais chimiques, de pesticides et d’énergies fossiles, à quoi s’ajoute le transport sur des milliers de kms avant leur consommation, qui aggrave encore l’empreinte carbone des aliments.

    La campagne de mobilisation citoyenne de SOS Faim « Changeons de menu ! » (2015-2017) vise à sensibiliser différents publics luxembourgeois (lycées, restaurants d’entreprise, médias, décideurs politiques, etc.) à une alimentation durable. 

    Dans ce sens, SOS Faim invite les consommateurs à prendre conscience des impacts de leurs habitudes alimentaires en calculant leur empreinte alimentaire sur le site de la campagne ou lors de différents évènements. Par ailleurs, elle appuie toutes les initiatives visant à « changer de menu », en proposant concrètement des repas privilégiant la consommation locale, biologique et équitable.

    Les entreprises peuvent participer à cette initiative en organisant avec SOS Faim un tel repas dans leur restaurant d'entreprise et encourager ainsi une consommation durable et responsable, tant au niveau collectif qu'individuel.

    Pour plus d’informations concernant cette animation, contacter Laurence Thill, responsable de la campagne «Changeons de menu !» 49 09 96 27 

    Ou visiter leur site de campagne :

  • 16/11/2015

    Wildgen 4 Children 2015 has been launched


    November 20th, Universal Children’s Day, was initiated in 1954 in order to raise general awareness to children’s fundamental rights. This day, is to remind us that still today, within our country, children live in precarious and difficult situations.

    Focused on growing precariousness in Luxembourg, Wildgen wishes to act and mobilize the solidarity and generosity of the whole country around the project "Wildgen4Children". In partnership with Pall Center, BIL, Michel Greco, Kaempff-Kohler, IMS and l’Essentiel, Wildgen intends to make this action sustainable and support a maximum of  associations in Luxembourg, working for the respect of Children’s rights, for their well-being and development.

    Help them to support these associations and express your generosity in order to provide these children with joy and comfort for this end of year.


    • By leaving toys and books at collection points for kids and young people
    • by making a donation on the bank account: LU94 0022 1590 181 2800 - BILLULL to support associations projects
  • 02/11/2015

    The ING Solidarity Awards


    In connection with its active policy regarding corporate and social responsibility, and following successes of latest years, ING Luxembourg has launched the third edition of the ING Solidarity Awards.

    All non-profit associations or foundations registered and established in Luxembourg, and matching the eligibility criteria stipulated in the ING Solidarity Awards rules were invited to participate until October 15th, regardless of whether or not they are ING Luxembourg customers.

    The aim of the ING Solidarity Awards is to reward and support the Luxembourg community sector through a competition divided into two parts:

    - Firstly, the 40 associations with the highest number of votes from internet users will receive a cheque of 1000 euros;

    - Secondly, the Jury will reward each of the four best projects with a 6,000 euros prize, as well as each of the four projects in second position with a 3,000 euros prize.

    In order to take part, your association must correspond to one of the four categories below: 

    1. National projects from 100% voluntary associations;

    2. National projects from partially voluntary associations;

    3. International projects from 100% voluntary associations;

    4. International projects from partially voluntary associations;

    In total, ING Luxembourg SA will support eight projects in addition to the 40 associations elected by web users.

    Associations can win up to 7,000euros by taking part in the ING Solidarity Awards!

    Please tell your friends about this action for solidarity in order to increase the chances of winning of the associations you support.

    Online votes will be open between October 29nd 2015 and November 19th 2015 at noon. 

    The awards ceremony will take part at 7 p.m. on November 25th 2015 at the Geesseknäppchen Forum in Luxembourg!

    Support the association of your choice by voting  here !

  • 13/10/2015

    RBC launches its caritative course

    RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) and La Croix-Rouge luxembourgeoise are organizing « RBC Race for the Kids » for the first time in Luxembourg, a 5 km course and a family event which will be held October 25 at 10 am in Luxembourg Kinnekswiss Park.

    Everyone is welcome to take part, whether you’re a superstar sprinter or prefer a leisurely stroll around the park. You can complete the 5km course however you like – the most important thing is that everyone has fun. Along with the run, there will be plenty of entertainment to keep your family entertained! Get a team together with your family and friends and raise vital funds for Croix-Rouge Luxembourgeoise. Every euro you raise, will go towards a Croix-Rouge youth project, the  Kannerhaus Jean Therapy Centre where you will make a real difference to patients and their families.

    Register for RBC Race for the Kids today:

    The deadline for registration is October 21.

  • 07/10/2015

    LeasePlan walks for ELA

    Since their first encounter during the Speed Meeting of the 1st of July 2014 at the Cercle Cité, Lease Plan has renewed its commitment with ELA (European Leukodystrophies Association) for the second consecutive year.

    As part of the operation called “Wear your trainers in the company”, employees equipped with pedometers were mobilized to count their steps for the association and to collect funds which will help financing medical research and the support of families concerned with leukodystrophies. 

    At the end of the activity, employees have walked collectively the equivalent of 413 700 steps in one day, which is more than 7500 steps per person on average. The result: a donation of 1500 € was presented to Jean-Paul Friedrich, president of ELA Luxembourg, the 15 September.