Community day

Organize a corporate volunteering day, often called "Community Day", is one of the ways for the company to implement its CSR policy by enabling its employees to get involved in the activities of a non-profit association on their working time. 

Some projects may involve physical work from the employees involved, such as renovations, painting, sorting or maintenance of natural reserves or urban spaces.

Other projects further promote a moment of sharing and exchange with the beneficiaries of a non-profit organization (for example by providing guidance on days dedicated to children, the elderly and / or sick people, setting up gardening or DIY days).

A Community day can also be an opportunity to create a "highlight" with its employees and to respond concretely to social and environmental issues.
Above all, the organization of a Community Day should be in line with the corporate culture, values and expectations.

For this, IMS Luxembourg through its Part&Act Project supports you in the design of your Community day from the identification of needs to the proposition of a meaningfull partnership with a local community organization.

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