The offer

A TOOL: a web-based platform for networking

  • Posting offers and requests online
  • Company and organisation presentation forms
  • Legal, methodological, and communications guidelines and evaluation procedures

A cycle of awareness-raising and training on:

  • The various types of partnerships
  • The stages of a partnership
  • Legal responsibility
  • Valuing professional skills
  • Setting up – by the organisation – of a policy of partnerships with
  • companies
  • Multi-stakeholder projects
  • Partnership evaluation
  • Lessons learned from completed projects
  • Suggested improvements

Personalised support using the Part&Act method on an innovative project

  • Definition of the project and of the framework for cooperation
  • Identifying and mobilising staff
  • Project launch
  • Internal and External communication
  • Evaluation
  • Sharing experience with ‘good practices’ forms