Speed Meeting

What is it ?

Part&Act's Speed Meeting is a unique and convivial meeting in Luxembourg to share skills (IT facilities, legal information, advice in communication, etc.), goods (office equipment, leasing of any equipment, etc.) or services according to your area of expertise. This event is especially tailored to develop knowledge and win-win exchanges.

The concept of this marketplace exists in the Netherlands since 2000, where more than 30 marketplaces have been organized per year. In 2006, Germany also spread this concept. Then, in 2008, the first Belgian marketplace appeared in Anvers and Liege. 



In a few minutes, I submit my needs and offers and analyze what the organization or company in front of me can bring me in return. The purpose is to satisfy a recurring requirement from companies that wish to support one or more organizations. These organizations often have limited means and accept company offers in return of knowledge, training, awareness, etc.



Each participant :

-  Should fill in the online form, describing what he would like to offer or receive,

-  Should be on time (being late will penalize the good functioning of this "game",

-  Should establish as many of deals as possible.